Want to hire a wedding band that will turn your wedding day into an amazing party? If so, than it’s time to take a good look at Evenses list of wedding bands for hire. Our enthusiastic bands give amazing shows. We already give you 5 ideas.

The Swing Element

Love to listen to swing and jazz? Than The Swing Element will become your wedding band. This classy and sophisticated swing and jazz band, brings brilliant quality to your wedding party.


SHOUT will put a great twist on your wedding reception. Your guests will enjoy the chemistry between the powerful female vocals and the modern lyrics from the male rapper.

Hot Riot

Hot Riot is a fun and funky party wedding band. This dynamic four-piece band brings a lot of atmosphere at your wedding party. Hot Riot plays all classic hits and music genres. The band will get the party started and will perform all night long.

Just Love

Wedding band Just Love is fun, stylish and modern. Their repertoire consists of unique party tunes. By mixing the best tracks of this generation with classics from the past, the full-on show from Just Love fits for everyone!

The Sleek Beats

This fresh and funky wedding band will keep you and your guests dancing all night long. With a powerful male and female vocal, The Sleek Beats are bringing you the best entertainment. This wedding band will make your wedding day one to remember.