Dreaming of a romantic getaway but unsure where to go? Then you might need to look no further; let the enchantment of Languedoc in southern France beckon you! This is the perfect region for a romantic getaway, wandering in medieval towns with cobbled streets echoing tales of yesteryear, and simply enjoy the serene beauty of the region. Languedoc contains romance in a way that quickens your heartbeat. Discover the secrets of this French gem with your loved one, for love and passion on location. Interested? Here are some of the most romantic attractions in Languedoc, for an unforgettable journey for two.

1. Explore the local history together

The quaint medieval towns of Languedoc radiate a unique romance, and there are plenty to explore. Visit places like Carcassonne, Minerve, or Pézenas, and stroll together through villages that are a collection of beautifully preserved historical architecture. Take a break at one of the charming cafes and admire the ancient churches and castles that adorn these towns during your stay in Languedoc.

2. A romantic canoe trip on the river orb

Of course, there are many holiday homes in France with a pool that are simply perfect to enjoy, but the calm waters of the River Orb are not to miss out on. This place provides the perfect conditions for a romantic canoe trip for two. Paddle hand in hand, passing picturesque villages, hilltop castles, and lush green landscapes! This is a peaceful water journey with the perfect opportunity for intimate conversations and enjoying each other’s company, free from the worries of turbulent waters.

3. Discover the mystery of the Languedoc Cathar Castles

The Cathar castles are perched on high rocky outcrops, and these are not just historical landmarks but fascinating symbols of enduring love and resilience. You might want to take a look at sites like the Château de Peyrepertuse or the Château de Quéribus, to immerse yourselves in the tales of love, war, and mystery that passed through the ages in these ancient ruins. Go for the breathtaking views from these heights, which will surely add a touch of awe to your romantic adventure!

4. Savor the local delicacies

Going on a romantic getaway, then you cannot miss out on the regional culinary delights. Food goes through the stomach! Simply perfect for kindling romance, and Languedoc offers some unique local specialties. Discover the flavors of the region by trying local cheeses, wines, and the famous cassoulet. Visit local markets, such as the one in Narbonne, and taste the best of the region, or book a cooking class to discover the art of French cuisine together.

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