A dispensadores de etiquetas, which is Spanish for a label dispenser, is created by Legro bv for shops, stores and factories. It is made to easily dispense different labels that are used for shipping, packaging or just to make a present look even more colorful!

A label dispenser is sold as two models: a basic dispenser and a multi-label dispenser.

They are both ideal for all the latter, because the only difference between them is the size. The basic dispenser can only dispense one type of label at the time. The other one can dispense more at the same time. The amount of labels that can be dispensed be the more fancy dispensadores de etiquetas depends on the size of the labels. Obviously, the bigger the labels, the smaller the amount of labels at the same time.

Labels for business of leisure

When you buy the dispensadores de etiquetas, it is important to know that it can both be used for commercial use and companies as for packaging presents That means that this dispenser can be used in the shop for people to decorate their partners with, but also in the back office of the factory, to put labels on materials or packages. That’s how the label dispenser can help you out as a company, but also as a shopper.