open business in the Netherlands

Would you like to know how to open a business in the Netherlands but living in another country? The company Dike international is a formation service provider in the Netherlands. They are happy to assist you with starting your business in our country, within 5 working days. Only for 950,- you can open your own Dutch business.


What do you need for starting a business in the Netherlands?

When starting a business in the Netherlands, you’ll have a choice between coming to the Netherlands yourself; all the Schengen countries including the Netherlands are free accessible, or engaging on distance from your own country. To start a business it’s most common to open a BV entity. It has no difficult requirement, all you need is a registered address in the Netherlands. A BV company has 2 main features; the company is dived into shares, which are owned by shareholders. Also the company needs a director. Both, director and shareholders, don’t need to have the Dutch nationality; every foreign person is legal to become a shareholder or director of your BV company. To start you up, all we need is – from all persons engaging as a shareholder or director; a copy of the passport, proof off the living address not older than 2 months and a marital status.

For more information, you can contact Dike company by filling in the contact form on the website, email or by phone.