Looking for new software for your business? Or do you want to launch an app that can keep your customers or employees updated on a daily basis? Imagine; you have to find the right developer. You exchange your ideas and developers start to take an interest in them. But what if you can’t fully convey your thoughts on the app right away? What if you’re not immediately satisfied with the design? This communication alone took a lot of time. Then we didn’t even mention money…so is it easy to build your own app?

Develop without programming knowledge

Now you can actually develop your own software easily! More and more software (like Triggre) is coming out that allows you to create your own software. Even if you have no programming knowledge! With features called nocode and lowcode, the software gives you the ability to design your own screen with drag and drop functionality. All low-level aspects of the application, such as data information or the operation of various functions, will be automatically converted. Do you want to add a “click” button on the page? This action will be added in a second. Add a contact page? This is not the problem! The underlying information is handled by the software itself. Therefore, you only have to consider the appearance of the application and you do not have to worry about how it behaves anymore.

Time saving

Did you know that this way of working saves you half of the time it takes to develop an app? Using a platform like Triggre, it is even 5 times faster than other similar software. By signing up for a free trial at Triggre.com, you can see if the software is right for you without having to spend the full amount on all the software first and learn more about it. You can’t figure it out? Triggre Support will be happy to help!