What solution architecture is – solution architecture is the process of creating structures and processes necessary for successful solution delivery. The solution architect takes the solution vision and makes it a real solution. This includes defining solution elements, identifying required infrastructure to support those elements, designing how they will work together, creating documentation that will help implementers understand their role in the solution; solution architects are solution delivery experts.

The definition

Solution Architecture works with solution requirements to determine solution infrastructure and design considerations. These include enterprise, client, solution interface and solution platform architectures as well as technical models necessary for their success.

The solution vision is a crucial aspect of solution architecture – the scope of the solution architecture framework will be predicated-on solution vision. Before solution architecture can begin, a clear solution vision must be determined

Solution architecture is prevalent across all industries and solution design teams – solution design teams are composed of architects, engineers and designers whose sole purpose is to create solution architectures that fulfil client needs while reducing risk and meeting project constraints.

These solution design teams are frequently organised into solution delivery teams, solution solution solution solution solution solution solution solution solution.

The benefits

The solution delivery team has a single goal – to successfully deliver the required solution architecture that will fulfil client needs while reducing risk and meeting project constraints.

Benefits of Solution Architecture:

– Enables comprehensive planning for successful solution delivery

– Provides solution infrastructure design consideration from solution requirements

– Engages solution designers in solution vision development

– Enables solution architects to capture solution architecture for solution documentation and future reference.

In summary, solution architecture enables comprehensive planning for successful solution delivery, provides solution infrastructure design considerations from solution requirements.

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